Marilyn Manson sentenced for 2019 spitting incident

Author Flavia Andrade - 19.9.2023

Marilyn Manson went to a New Hampshire courthouse on September 18, in order to enter a no contest plea, and face sentencing in regards to a misdemeanor simple assault charge. The incident occurred on August 19, 2019 at a concert in Gilford, NH.

A video maker hired by the venue was filming the set in order for the performance to be shown on the screens behind Manson. Footage shows that Manson spat upon the camera. Manson also allegedly blew snot out of his nose on the videographer, with Manson‘s bodily fluids to have come into contact with the videographer. This led to a pair of misdemeanor simple assault charges. In 2021, Manson‘s legal team argued the following against the charges:

The defendant’s performance for the past twenty years are well known to include shocking and evocative antics similar to those that occurred here. The alleged victim consented to exposing herself to potential contact with sweat, saliva and phlegm in close quarters.

The judge was not convinced by this argument. This past July, word was out that Manson accepted a plea deal, which meant he would enter a no contest plea on one of the charges in order to have the other charge dropped. Thus, Manson has been fined $1,200 and also faces 20 hours of community service for six months.

A victim-impact statement was read in court, part of which can be read below:

For me, I’m a professional person and I’ve been in this industry for 30 years. I’ve worked for a lot of companies, and in all the years I’ve worked with people, I’ve never been humiliated or treated like I was by this defendant. For him to spit on me and blow his nose on me was the most disgusting thing a human being has ever done. I understand this was not a big criminal charge to begin with, but I was hoping that the defendant would receive a sentence that would make him think twice before doing something like this again.

You can see footge of the incident below:

You can also check out some footage of the court hearing below: