Marianas Rest unleashes music video for new single “Light Reveals Our Wounds”

Author Hernan Osuna - 21.3.2023

Finnish melodic death doom heavyweights Marianas Rest will release their fourth studio album “Auer” on March 24 via Napalm Records. Now, the six-piece outfit has premiered a music video for new single “Light Reveals Our Wounds” and you can watch it below.

The third single from the album is a tribute to all those who have the strength to march toward the storm in the sky.

The world needs martyrs. This song is dedicated to those who ever tried to steer the course of humanity for the better knowing their actions came with a terrible cost. To everyone who had the strength to march against the coming storm.”, vocalist Jaakko Mäntymaa comments.

The idea of this song was to have a simple melodic theme and just let it play through the whole song. It repeats and repeats, changes shape and transforms but it never goes away. Like painful memories.”, he adds.

Light Reveals Our Wounds” was the last song completed for the new album. Structurally, it’s a pretty traditional tune with a simple hook. But if you listen to it more closely, you’ll notice a lot going on under the surface. For example, I can’t remember any Marianas Rest song that has more than one bass line playing at the same time,” Niko Lindman continues.

Auer will be our most musically diverse album to date. It tells a story of the endless dance of light and shadow. Mankind repeats its mistakes, but even in the midst of chaos there is beauty,” claims frontman Jaakko Mäntymaa.

We broke the traditional patterns of the songs and added some clean vocals. The deepest core of the music hasn’t changed much though, as the album continues with the familiar theme from previous albums. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel… maybe“, completes bassist Niko Lindman.

Marianas Rest‘s upcoming gigs:
7.4. Kuudes linja, Helsinki w/ I Am Your God
8.4. Yo-talo, Tampere w/ I Am Your God, Voidfallen
20.-22.7. John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland.