Madball refuses to play at events that require a vaccine passport

Author Samuel Järvinen - 7.8.2021

Veteran New York hardcore band Madball has announced that they will refuse to play at venues that require participants to show proof of vaccination against Coronavirus – the so-called vaccination passport.

A vaccination pass is a physical or digital document that shows whether a customer arriving at a public event has been vaccinated or tested against coronavirus.

The method has been criticized as a violation of privacy and a model of harmful exercise of power – the argument in favor of the vaccination passport has been put forward that most existing immigration laws require full documentation of an individual’s vaccination history. The idea of exempting public events from the vaccination passport has been advocated by several event operators.

 “We truly respect whatever decisions people make with their bodies but we cannot in good conscience play shows that require personal/private medical information(like vaccination status) for entry”, says the band in social media.