Loud and fresh: Stoned Statues live 1 May at On The Rocks, Helsinki

Author John Wins - 5.5.2022

It’s really more than just a new act, but the power trio that just released their debut is definitely a band to pay attention to (and pay tickets to upcoming shows), because these musicians know how to deliver an energetic performance.

Stoned Statues signed to Sakara Records last year, released a few singles, and last April released their first album with less than 10 tracks. Enough to have a setlist full of layers between riffs, groove, melancholy and lots, lots of energy.

Stoned Statues | Photo by AJ Johansson

Some fans may wonder sometimes what it was like to witness the first shows of some of the top bands that Finland showed the world when they were just starting out. 25 years ago you could go to a small venue to see Nightwish in Kitee, Children of Bodom in Espoo or HIM playing in Helsinki. Watching Stoned Statues‘ first show at On The Rocks was like watching history being made.

The night had Enter Rama performing its alternative sound, very introspective and expansive at the same time. It warmed up the crowd downstairs the bar for the main act.

When Markus Hakala and Jenna Kosunen joined drummer Allu Tanskanen on stage, they introduced themselves quite shy, waving and smiling, like a wise penguin taught us to act. It took a few notes to make “Burning Feathers” be a good welcome, already introducing what these guys could offer the people on a spring night.

Stoned Statues | Photo by AJ Johansson

Songs like “Around the World” or even the self-titled track are classic examples of how good it is to hear a stoner band with the best of modernity.

Over the course of the show, what was most notable wasn’t Allu’s precision on drums, keeping the groove on point on songs like “Bad Brains“, nor even Markus’ growls done well on “Heavy Steps” for example, neither Jenna’s ability to bring out her deep emotions at a serene pace and then switch to something fierce like the powerful “Demento“, but the way these three human elements can do and sound like three friends having fun, kind of forgetting everything around. It’s something special and pretty.

The band was kind enough to share a few words with us after the show, talking about how happy they are with the feedback so far.

The feedback has been really good, actually. Some good reviews! People have been listening a lot to the album and buying it, which is really cool. I’m just enjoying all the good comments.

Markus Hakala (Stoned Statues)

We will hear more about Stoned Statues, because Finland is just the beginning of something bigger (internationally) for this new and fresh band. They know the game, the ways to have fun and are committed to creating art bringing out the best that each one of them can give.

You can watch our video report about the show below: