Photo credit: Mike Elliott

Lorna Shore share music video “Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer”

Author Flavia Andrade - 28.9.2023

Lorna Shore have released a new music video for the track “Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer“, part of their latest album “Pain Remains”. The video was directed by Eric DiCarlo (Dying FetusSigns Of The Swarm), and is accompanied by new merch offerings which you can find here.

Guitarist Adam De Micco said:

Welcome Back O’ Sleeping Dreamer‘ is a song that we feel deserves as much of the light as any other song on ‘Pain Remains‘. It was a pivotal song in the writing process – it was the song to get the momentum going for the rest of the record. It was the song that we had the most enjoyment writing and I think to this day is probably one of our favorite songs on the record.

It’s as dark as it is light and it’s as intense while not being overbearing. It has become the closest thing to balance as far as our songs are concerned. It is also a song that encapsulates a lot of who we are as a band while being unique from the rest of the songs on ‘Pain Remains‘.

Working with Eric was something that we have been wanting to do for some time now. He has always been someone we would reference or were inspired by so it only made sense to do a video with him. It was also a unique experience for us this time because we were in the trenches with him making decisions on everything regarding the video. As an artist you want to see your vision come to light and working with Eric this way, we were able to bring that vision forward.

You can watch the new video below: