Long live the queen – review of Doro’s latest album “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 22.9.2023

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a queen is “A female ruler of an independent state, people, one who inherits the position by right of birth; a female sovereign.” And no word would be more fitting to describe Doro, the queen of heavy metal, who will release her new album on October 27th. Though, to be completely accurate, “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud” pictures Doro as a successful vanquisher, pushing further once more the limits of the genre.

With illustrious guests like Rob Halford (“Living After Midnight“) and Sammy Amara (“Bond Unending“), this record is one to go down in history as it is. It’s glorious how, even after 40 years, this phenomenal artist delivers a high-quality product without having to compromise her style and her essence. I can’t say that “Conqueress” is a ground-breaking album, but it shows integrity, passion and dedication.

Catchy and heavy anthems? We’ve got those (“Lean Mean Rock Machine“, “Horns Up High“). Huge motivational and empowering tracks? As many as you want (“I Will Prevail“, “Rise“). Trouble with the law? Oh, no problem, it’s “Time For Justice“. Since Doro is German, would you like a track in her native language? I hear you. “Fels in der Brandung” is perfect, then. And if that is not enough to convince you The Queen has not lost her touch, she delights us with covers as well, with a magnificent rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart“. Time might pass, but the voice doesn’t change nor fail.

At the heart of her vocal arsenal is her commanding rock tone, a force of nature that can shake the very foundations of a stadium. When she unleashes the full power of her voice, it’s a sonic attack that defines the essence of heavy metal. The sheer intensity and grit in her delivery are enough to move any metal enthusiast. However, what truly sets Doro apart as a vocalist is her ability to shift effortlessly between this powerful rock persona and the gentleness of a breeze. In her ballads and more emotionally charged songs, Doro‘s voice undergoes a metamorphosis. It becomes tender, vulnerable, and exquisitely soothing. Her phrasing is filled with nuance, conveying deep emotions with subtlety and grace. This versatility allows her to tell stories with depth and authenticity that resonate on a profound level (“Best In Me“).

In a genre that demands strength and resilience, Doro stands tall as the embodiment of these qualities. “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud” is a celebration of unity, a homage to metal’s enduring legacy, and a reminder that Doro‘s reign as the Metal Queen remains unassailable. May long reign The Queen!


1. Children Of The Dawn 
2. Fire In The Sky 
3. Living After Midnight 
4. All For You 
5. Lean Mean Rock Machine 
6. I Will Prevail 
7. Bond Unending 
8. Time For Justice 
9. Fels in der Brandung 
10. Love Breaks Chains 
11. Drive Me Wild 
12. Rise 
13. Best In Me 
14. Heavenly Creatures 
15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 
16. Bonus Track: Warlocks And Witches 
17. Bonus Track: Horns Up High 
18. Bonus Track: True Metal Maniacs 
19. Bonus Track: Heart In Pain
20. Bonus Track: The Four Horsemen