Photo Credit: Sergio Bastidas

London After Midnight reinterpret Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”

Author Stefanie Nysand - 7.11.2022

The American gothic rock band London After Midnight has reinterpreted the song “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer and released it along with a music video. You can check out the video below:

London After Midnight‘s cover version of “Hot Stuff” can be found on their latest release “Oddities Too” which came out on 14 October 2022 via Darkride Records and is currently number 1 in the German alternative music charts (DAC) for the third week in a row:

“‘Oddities Too’ is a unique collection of a new song, never-before-heard songs, several never before released songs from the early days of the band, recomposed classics, and the out-of-print 1998 ‘Oddities’ album, remixed from the original multi-track tapes!”

– London After Midnight

Just a few days ago, the band around frontman Sean Brennan released a music video for “Better Off Dead (Be My Guest)” which is also part of “Oddities Too”. You can check out the video below:

Despite all the excitement, there is also a small setback in the London After Midnight camp, even though it is just a temporary one:

“Notice on CD availability in Europe: Due to a shipping error by the delivery service DHL/Deutsche Post, the delivery of CDs to the German distributor has been delayed when they accidentally returned the shipment to the sender (their fault they admit). CDs are now on their way back to Germany and hopefully should be in stores in Europe soon! In the meantime, you can place orders for the CDs from the LAM website. Records and digital are not impacted by the delay and are immediately available in Europe from European shops and online websites.”

– London After Midnight

“Oddities Too” can be ordered amongst others via London After Midnight‘s website and the band’s Bandcamp website.