Living in LA with Travis – Review of Travis new album ‘L.A. Times

Author Vickky Lewis - 4.7.2024

Scottish band Travis are about to release their 10th album L.A. Times. After ten album releases Travis has proven that they are a band that can withstand time. Continuing to produce albums that are relevant and memorable.

L.A. Times is once again an album that is a time capsule. Reflecting on life in a big city and personal experiences from parenthood to social precariousness which is a key theme says lead singer and songwriter Fran Healy

Opening the album on a transformative self discovery track ‘Bus’ allows you to step into the world of L.A Times. That is looking from the outside looking in. You feel you are on a bus in LA with Travis. The sensory melodies set the scene with lyrics that open up imaginary minds to the world of L.A Times.  

Throughout the album you are listening to personal stories and thoughts. Which very quickly you relate too or allow you to look ahead to the future. Listening to the dynamics of each individual tracks continues this exploration. You can feel the lows and highs by the atmospheric riffs that draw you in.

What is the most pleasing is the mixing and mastering. While all the tracks have a story to tell, no matter how positive or negative they hit every accent right in the feels. In the Ballad ‘Live It All Again’, the simplistically of the piano enhanced the emotion. Which flows into ‘Gaslight’ a pop rock boogie that lifts up your spirits. While it juxtapositions the theme of the track. These two standout tracks are many reasons why L.A. Times is sign of the times album. From what world we are living today to how Travis had gone from strength to strength in every album they have produced. 

Travis will be releasing L.A. Times on July 12th.