Live Nation requires audiences to have a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-test in the US

Author Samuel Järvinen - 16.8.2021

Event organiser Live Nation is introducing new restrictions on the concerts and festivals it organises in the US.

As of October 4, the company will require all artists and audience members attending its events to provide proof of either a complete COVID-19 screening or a negative test result. In addition, Live Nation’s own employees must be vaccinated by the same date in order to visit the company’s facilities and events.

The same restrictions were already in place at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago at the turn of July and August, which, according to the local health authority, was not a super-spreader of the coronavirus despite its large crowds.

Previously, Live Nation had outlined that similar measures would be left to the discretion of the performing artists, but with the increase in positive Covid-19 cases in the US, the company decided to take the implementation of stricter restrictions into its own hands.