Photo Credit: Linda Florin

Liv Sin pull out of House Of Metal Festival 2023

Author Stefanie Nysand - 1.5.2023

Liv Sin, the band around Sister Sin frontwoman Liv Jagrell, have to cancel their appearance at the House Of Metal Festival 2023 in Umeå, Sweden. Their appearance was only announced in March 2023, but conflicting schedules make it impossible for Liv Sin to perform in Umeå while participating in the recently announced European tour with Deathstars at the same time:

“Hello everybody who planned or is planning to visit House of Metal! We at LiV SiN are terribly sorry to have to announce that we are cancelling our presence at House of Metal 2023. This is because we got an offer for a long tour with Deathstars that we feel we couldn’t refuse. We could not manage to get the logistics and finances that would be required to fly from England to Umeå to do this concert at House of Metal to work. We hope everyone understands this and our hope is to play at House of Metal another year!”

– Liv Sin

The House Of Metal Festival 2023 is going to take place from 10 – 11 November 2023.

It was only in April 2023 that Liv Sin had to cancel two joint concerts with Tiamat in their home country Sweden, although the reason for this seemed to have been with Tiamat:

“It’s with heavy hearts we LiV SiN post this! Our Swedish shows with Tiamat are cancelled, it’s totally out of our control. We are not a band that cancels shows and in this case we are too small to be able to play those places by ourselves! We have tried and are still working on getting any shows those dates! But it’s extremely hard with this shortage of time. We hope everything will end up good for Tiamat and that we can do those shows later on! […] We are LiV SiN! We don’t give up!”

– Liv Sin

Tiamat announced at the same time that the joint concerts were “cancelled due to illness”.

Between the cancelled shows with Tiamat and the cancellation of their appearance at the House Of Metal Festival 2023, Liv Sin successfully completed a tour in Spain. You can check out the latest impressions of Liv Sin‘s tour in Spain in the video below: