Liv Kristine finally reveals the title of the upcoming album

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 25.1.2023

After giving us a taste of the news, Liv Kristine,ex-former lead singer of Theater of Tragedy and Leaves’ Eyes, has finally revealed the title of her upcoming solo album. The sixth LP will be called “River of Diamonds”, and Liv promises a real journey throughout her career.
“River of Diamonds” will be released on 21 April 2023 via Metaliville Records.

Each song follows a path of strong authenticity and unbound creativity, which is my innermost and first criterion since “Theatre of Tragedy” (1995), “Deus Ex Machina” (1998) and “Lovelorn” (2004). The lifeline that flows through all twelve compositions unveils a heart-based personal path, a sense of deeper truth and a soul vision of pure bliss consciousness – an eternal river of diamonds.– Liv Kristine