Listen to “Erial” by Hacia el Ocaso: powerful sounds from Argentina

Author Hernan Osuna - 10.7.2024

Today, presents the Argentinean band Hacia el Ocaso and their song “Erial”.

Influenced by post-hardcore, metalcore and Anglo-Saxon deathcore bands, Hacia el Ocaso began to take their first steps in the local scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2014.

At the beginning of 2016 the South American outfit released their first studio effort: the “Amanecer” EP, and in 2020 they dropped their first album, “TRSCNDR”, with influences from rock, pop, trap and EDM. They are currently working on their next material and have already released two new singles: “Erial“, the song we introduce here, and “Cifra“.

The band comments on “Erial”: “In a time of climate, war, technological and moral chaos, it is essential to return to our roots and recognise ourselves as sentient human beings”.

The ‘Erial’ is a barren, dry, uncultivated land. We’re trying to capture the idea of a possible future in which the climatic and social conditions don’t allow for more, and we’re calling on people to recognise the mistakes we’ve made as a community and to rediscover some old habits that are more in contact with the animal side of us, without so much technological baggage, in contact with nature”.

Regarding the clip, they add: “In the video, we try to give it a post-apocalyptic look in terms of scenography and clothes, and the human being in a more “pure” state, so to speak, we represent it through the dancer“.

Hacia el Ocaso is currently made up of Juanma Albarracín (vocals), Demian Zapiola (guitar and vocals), Nelo Fernández (guitar and vocals), Damián Bonesi (drums) and Ramiro Kowalski (bass and vocals).