Lingua Ignota announces her retirement in 2023

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 2.11.2022

Kristin Hayter is going to end her Lingua Ignota project in early 2023. Kristin will complete the current tour and “a few things”, before putting aside Lingua Ignota. But the American multi-instrumentalist will certainly not stop her musical career. Simply, she will shift her talent to new horizons. The emotional weight that Kristin Hayter has given to the Lingua Ignota project, a journey through the singer’s experiences of violence and abuse, is universally recognized. So, it’s no surprise that Kristin decided to get over her shadows and restart with a new name and brand.

I will not allow my wounds to destroy me. I want to live a healthy, happy life and have changed much in myself and my surroundings to bring light in. As such the art has to change too. It is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over through LI, and my healing has finally allowed me to *feel* how painful that is. I am taking a new direction with my music and I am looking forward to the future.

– Kristin Hayter

With her stunning baroque mashups, metal influences, and ambient drifts, Kristin Hayter created a memorable diary of reporting and survival, an incisive howl against the horrors of domestic abuse. As the musician said herself, the Lingua Ignota project was thought to be a “hymn to all the ones that have survived wounds and cruelty”. Now is the time to overcome the dark, and we wish Kristin a bright new future.