Letdown. drops lyric video for “Raincoat”

Author Hernan Osuna - 30.5.2024

Chicago/Nashville alt-rock artist, Letdown. (aka Blake Coddington), has just released his latest single “Raincoat” via Big Loud Rock The track followed his most recent track, “Hate Myself”. Watch the lyric video below.

Introduced by a simple percussive beat and the electric twang of a plucked guitar, “Raincoat” storms onto the scene as an anthemic storytelling of roller coaster relationships. Featuring bold, pointed lyrics such as, ‘Apologize a thousand times a week now,’ the track gains momentum, steadily evolving into a punk-infused crescendo. Driven by punchy drums, the song is underscored by the roaring of a crowd begging the question, “What did I do this time?”.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Letdown. revealed that it explores “the bittersweet dance of two individuals trapped in a relationship they both yearn to escape. ‘Raincoat’ encapsulates the torment of a relationship riddled with apologies yet devoid of solutions, exploring the intricate dynamics of remaining in a situation neither party truly enjoys. It vividly portrays the struggles and contradictions inherent in toxic relationships.”