Korn’s Jonathan Davis comments on contemporary music: “It Seems Like Music Has Moved On To A Place Where It Doesn’t Matter About Talent”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 19.8.2022

In a recent interview with Interview magazine, Jonathan Davis, lead singer of nu metal band Korn, shares his views on music with Evanescence singer Amy Lee. Korn is currently on tour with Evanescence.

“I’m totally into talent. It seems like music has moved on to a place where it doesn’t matter about talent. It’s about how talented the engineer is at faking everything”, Davis says.

Amy Lee also shares Davis’ views:

 “And it has become so much about personalities too, right? I feel like that’s like the new generation. It’s more about a personality than the actual song. I’ve seen their Instagram but like, what is their music? What does that mean to you? But I don’t want to be the old person complaining.”