Photo by Rich Crooks, The Dome, London, England 9.11.2023

King Satan sign to Noble Demon and release new single

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 26.6.2024

The industrial metal band King Satan from Finland have now signed to the label Noble Demon, with whom they will release their next and forth album “The Devil’s Evangelion”. The band already released one song from the new album named “New Aeon Gospel”. The new song comes together with a music video.

The band commented on the new album:

””The Devil’s Evangelion” will be a concept album concentrating on the duality and the paradoxical nature of reality. This concept stems from a trickster-like narrative that becomes convinced about being possessed by the Devil, leading to an experience of reality through the Devil’s eyes.”

The band reveal how the new single “New Aeon Gospel” takes up this theme:

“New Aeon Gospel as an opening song depicts beginning of this experience, which in the fashion of paradoxes, might be madness to one and yet moment of catharsis to another. We took a lot influences from old religious anthems, hymns and psalms to compose the album and this song might be one of the strongest examples of this, filtered of course through the means of our brand of extreme metal.”

Sound wise King Satan is band who concentrates and experiments on a mix of metal styles, fusing electro-industrial with black metal and death metal elements.

On the future with the new label Noble Demon, the singer King Aleister Satan commented:

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce this devilish pact between King Satan and Noble Demon Records! We really know we are now in the right home at Noble Demon roster as we are not only encouraged to do what we do already, but to do that with their full support!”