Photo credit: Jani Kormu

King Diamond says Mercyful Fate will play a new nine-minute song on their upcoming tour: ‘It’s quite a monster’

Author Samuel Järvinen - 30.5.2022

Longtime Danish metal musician King Diamond says that on the upcoming Mecyful Fate tour, fans will be able to hear some new material. King Diamond says that the band will play a new nine-minute track from their upcoming album.

Diamond tells us on Twitch:

“We’re still working on a song. I wrote the final lyrics the day of our departure [for rehearsals], I would say, and that’s a couple of days ago. So the others have not heard me sing the song at all. We played a few riffs from it yesterday. I didn’t sing to it at that time. But it’s coming [along] here. The next couple of days we’re gonna see where it leads us.”

It’s quite a monster, I would say. It’s almost nine minutes long. So it’s not just a quick little [tune]. We hope we can play it. We’re gonna do everything in our power to play it. It’s not recorded yet. So whatever version we might play for you could change before it actually is fully recorded. Some drums have been recorded — that’s what I can say. But we will do our damnedest to play it. We put it early in the set even. But that’s something to look forward to, definitely.”