Kinda Fragile unveils new single “Finley’s Trip”

Author Hernan Osuna - 29.7.2023

US alt singer/composer Cameron Holland has shared an (anti-) summer song this week with his project Kinda Fragile. The song is called “Finley’s Trip” and has been released via Swiss Taxi Gauche Records. The track is taken from Kinda Fragile‘s forthcoming new album “s/t”.

Inspired by Elliot Smith, songwriter Cameron Holland uses the song to tell a story we’re all familiar with about a day in the life of our avoidant, self-destructive anti-hero. He sings in the chorus: How much more can you really lose/Never change your ways /Drinking poison may help you soothe /Another dreadful day.

An unassuming disco drum beat mixed with fuzzy punk guitars lay the uneasy foundation for “Finley’s Trip“, which was produced by Froth‘s singer Joo Joo Ashworth (Automatic, Le Pain). This retro 90s song is suitable for fans of alternative rock such as Dinosaur Jr, Froth or LVL UP.

About Kinda Fragile:
In the amalgam of bands that are the modern Los Angeles music scene, Cameron Holland shares a sound that is intentional, textured and has you longing for the golden days of alternative. His lyricism echoes the melancholy of Elliott Smith juxtaposed with heavy guitar riffs akin to J Mascis and My Bloody Valentine. Alternative, indie, shoegaze, and punk are key elements undeniably woven through his sound.

His music is a culmination of his experience: the simplicity and nostalgia of his midwestern roots, the sounds of Los Angeles, and the golden age of the 90’s music scene. At 10 years old he received his first guitar, a Washburn for kids, he was hooked, and music became the background of his life. Over the years he played in a handful of bands, jamming punk rock covers with friends but it wasn’t until 2020 that he began writing and playing his own music. This is what Cameron calls his “lightbulb moment”, the realization he had all the puzzle pieces to create music that fused the wide tapestry of his musical and creative influences. Kinda Fragile is just that dynamic, raw, both loud and soft. He sonically captures the beauty in the ordinary and the messiness of our modern existence.