Kerry King states that “Slayer reunion will not translate into recording and touring”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 6.5.2024

Slayer founding member Kerry King has revealed in a recent interview that the reunion of the band will not “translate into recording and touring”. While speaking to U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine about his debut solo album, “From Hell I Rise”, to be released on May 17th via Reigning Phoenix Music, he admitted that

The announcement of Slayer’s comeback was not my favorite timing. The reunion is not going to translate into recording and it’s not going to translate into touring. For me, it’s three shows marking five years since our final shows, a fun, ‘Hey, remember us from before the pandemic?’ celebration.

He also stated that he had not spoken yet with Tom Araya, vocalist/bassist of the band.

It’s not like I’m angry with him or anything. We’re very different people, and we evolved into business partners at the end of the day. He has very different interests from me and very different outlooks. Does that make me hate him? No. But I don’t need to talk to him every day… We just don’t have much in common. When it comes time to rehearse, I’ll have no problem showing up. We’re professionals, and that’s what we do.

And still, when King announced his solo project, he almost swore Slayer would not come back again.

I can pretty much a hundred percent say no because I have a new outlet, and it’s not Slayer, but it sounds like Slayer.

It looks like the proponent of everything is actually Araya’s wife. In her words:

I harassed him for over a year before he agreed finally to play more shows with the band. We shared that news with Slayer’s awesome managers and they did the rest! So yes without Tom it wouldn’t have happened.. without me BUGGING HIM it wouldn’t have happened.

Araya follows:

Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans, and to be honest, we have missed that.

And King has not forgotten the fans:

Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. Slayer means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them.

Guitarist Gary Holt’s wife added:

Yes, it’s true..and an exciting adventure for the band and fans ! To all the people saying ‘they are liars’ ‘they must have ran out of money’ ‘its not Slayer without so and so’ ..I have an idea for you all…DON’T GO.. and for all the people who did go to the final tour dates and enjoyed it…awesome!! This isn’t a ‘TOUR’ it’s some dates..and GREAT NEWS!!! And everyone that thinks they know all the inside can’t possibly know. so just enjoy the fact that this amazing band will play some amazing shows this year…go or don’t..nobody cares!!!!!

The reunion lineup will be the following:

Tom Araya (vocals / bass)

Kerry King (guitar)

Gary Holt (guitar)

Paul Bostaph (drums)