Karl Sanders to Chaoszine: “I worked on this record for over a year. I really poured a lot of myself into it.”

Author Flavia Andrade - 29.7.2022

Nile mastermind Karl Sanders’ Eastern-ambient “Saurian” series finally has its third chapter: “Saurian Apocalypse”. Released on July 22 via Napalm Records, the album’s musical and lyrical themes detail the vexing fictional journey of Dr. Eduardo Lucciani, one of very few survivors of mankind’s self-destruction, who descends into madness after discovering the violent horrors occurring at the hands of the Saurian Masters.

Emphasized by unique instruments like the baglama saz (Turkish lute), Ancient Egyptian Anubis Sistrum, Dumbek (Middle Eastern goblet drum), glissentar and gongs, the album’s score weaves cinematic auras and deep grooves, accented by the tribal percussive stylings of original Nile drummer Pete Hammoura and returning “Saurian” vocalist Mike Breazeale.

Karl Sanders tells Chaoszine all about his “Saurian” project, both musically and conceptually. He also talks about his fascination with ancient times, the defining moment that led him to become a musician, and the hybris of youth. He spoke of Nile‘s next album, their upcoming European tour and the departure and replacement of bass player Brad Parris.

You can check out the full interview below.