Judas Priest putting together track listing for upcoming album

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.7.2023

In a recent interview with Tulsa Music StreamJudas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner spoke about the band’s upcoming album.

In Faulkner’s words:

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I spoke to Glenn [Tipton] via e-mail, actually, this morning. We were talking about the running order for the track listing of the album. So that’s where the album’s at. So it’s been recorded. It’s pretty much mixed now. We’re just trying to decide what order the tracks should go. It’s a really important thing. If you put the tracks in the wrong order — it’s like a movie; if you edit the movie in the wrong order, it loses its potency. So it’s gotta be right. So that’s the stage we’re at. So it’s pretty close. Then we’ve gotta obviously manufacture the thing, the record label’s gotta manufacture the packaging and the artwork and the vinyl and get it out there. So that takes a little bit of time. But as far as the creative and the recording and everything like that, it’s pretty much almost finished, shall we say.

Faulkner was then asked about a release date for the new album, to which he replied:

Well, I don’t think we have a specific one… If we handed it in to the record label today, I think vinyl takes six months at least to actually make; there’s a backlog of vinyl. So we can work out what the earliest is gonna be, put it that way. So I think it’ll probably be early ’24, I would say. I won’t get fired for that. But I think that’s a safe estimation to say. It’s gonna be early ’24.