John Cooper, lead singer of Christian rock band Skillet, claims that Rage Against The Machine has become part of what they used to rebel against: “I’m the revolutionary here”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.12.2021

Christian rock band Skillet is known not only for its many hits, but also for the many political statements made by lead singer John Cooper. Now Cooper has opened his verbal coffin in a recent interview with Apologia Studios.

In the interview, Cooper says that Rage Against The Machine, who have a strong political message, has lost its edge these days and has become part of the “machine” it used to rebel against.

One of the reasons for this, Cooper says, is that the band members are in favour of Covid vaccination, while Cooper himself says that he is against both face masks and vaccines, as well as other Covid measures in general.

“Now, let’s be honest – not everybody in the mainstream world is nuts about that. They don’t necessarily love hearing about Jesus, but they have always put up with me – some have supported me even. But I’ll tell you what: the most kickback I have ever received – ever – for my faith has been on my stance on vaccine mandates and mask mandates. It is as if I just – like the unforgivable sin”, Cooper says.

“So, a lot the bands, they just don’t know what to do … You’re in an entertainment industry that’s largely driven by social media and media at large. You’re not allowed to speak anything against… I mean, you’ve got Rage Against The Machine telling people that if they don’t get a vaccine… Rage Against The Machine has become the machine. It’s crazy. I’m, like, wait a minute – I’m the revolutionary here? I’m the revolutionary and Rage Against The Machine is just ‘government rock’ now.”