James Hetfield thinks Lars Ulrich’s drumming is the best it has ever been

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 5.7.2024

Lead vocalist of the legendary band Metallica, James Hetfield, thinks, contrary to a lot of Metallica fans, that the drummer of the band, Lars Ulrich, is still doing his job very well, if not better than ever before. In Metallica‘s official podcast “The Metallica Report” (listen to the whole podcast episode: https://megaphone.link/PAN6082140603) vocalist James Hetfield said about his friend and bandmate Lars Ulrich:

“I’d say this tour in general, the last two years, we’ve been building up to it. Absolutely, absolutely playing great. […] I hope he’s having fun and not too worried about his playing, ’cause he would let his emotions just take him. Now he’s a little more concerned about the click track and playing along with it, being solid. […] But yeah, I think as a group, we are all playing really, really great, really tight. And it doesn’t scare me, but I don’t mind fucking things up. It’s fun. There’s still mistakes, or not mistakes, but there’s still unique moments that happen, and it’s good. We don’t want to be that fricking’ polished machine up there at all, so no matter how practiced, no matter how good we think we’re doing, there’s still stuff that happens.” James Hetfield, lead vocalist of Metallica