James Hetfield opened up at a concert about his insecurities as a musician: a group hug was seen on stage

Author Samuel Järvinen - 16.5.2022

A strong part of being a musician is a set of uncertainties that musicians carry with them throughout their careers. Even if you’re in a legendary band like Metallica, you can still be uncertain.

Metallica’s James Hetfield said at a concert on 12 May that he suffered from insecurities that bubbled to the surface before he took to the stage.

“I’ve gotta tell you I wasn’t feeling very good before I came out here. [I was] feeling a little bit insecure, like I’m an old guy, [I] can’t play anymore — all this bullshit that I tell myself in my head. So I talked to these guys, and they helped me — as simple as that. They gave me a hug and said, ‘Hey, if you’re struggling on stage, we’ve got your back.’ And I tell you, it means the world to me.”

After this, the band shared a group hug.