“It was like coming to a family”: New Nightwish bassist Jukka Koskinen talks to Chaoszine about joining the band in a new exclusive interview

Author Arto Mäenpää - 25.6.2021

In January 2021, Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish announced that the band’s singer-bassist Marko Hietala would leave the band. The news of Hietala’s departure was effectively taken by both the fans and the band itself, and the band’s mainman Tuomas Holopainen told Chaoszine in a recent video interview that he was been very uncertain about the band’s future for a few days.

After some time had passed the band started to think that this is not the way they want to end their career and decided to continue. The band played few two virtual shows recently and announced that Jukka Koskinen from Wintersun was going to play with the band as fill-in bassist on the “Human: II: Nature” world tour and after the tour is done then the band will decide who will be the permanent member of the band.

Jukka Koskinen will not handle Marko’s vocal parts and he will be just the bass player for the band. Chaoszine discussed with Jukka about how did end up joining Nightwish, how did it felt to play the first shows with the band and how much he is looking to play in front of real live audience again. You can watch the full video interview here:

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