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“It feels good to wrap this whole Sum 41 thing up with an album and a book” – Interview with Deryck Whibley of Sum 41

Author Arto Mäenpää - 17.4.2024

Sum 41 never fit in. They didn’t give a shit or try to either. Instead, they came out of the gate swinging with a signature style punctuated by pop punk singalongs and hard-hitting heavy metal proficiency. As a result, they’ve cast an unmatched shadow over popular culture, tracing back to their turn-of-the-century domination of TRL up to a rapturous set at the inaugural When We Were Young Festival. Within the span of a year, Iggy Pop tapped them for a collaboration, and they paid a fiery tribute to Metallica for MTV Icon. Their music has surged through major franchises, ranging from Spider-Man to American Pie and Bring It On. They ignited a triptych of classic albums—the platinum-certified “All Killer No Filler” [2001], gold-certified “Does This Look Infected?” [2002], and gold-certified “Chuck” [2004]—and persisted in their second decade with just as much piss and vinegar on the likes of “13 Voices” [2016] and “Order In Decline” [2019]. Slant hailed the latter as “a hell of fun ride,” while GQ applauded how “the band made it all the way back.” After selling 15 million albums worldwide, garnering two Juno Awards, a Kerrang! Award, and a handful of Alternative Press Music Awards, receiving a GRAMMY® nomination, and packing venues everywhere, they’re going out with a bang — and on their own terms.

Disregarding the rules, ignoring expectations, and following their instincts once again, the band—Deryck Whibley [vocals, guitar], Dave Baksh [guitar], Jason McCaslin [bass], Tom Thacker [guitar], and Frank Zummo [drums]—deliver a fittingly fiery final statement in the form of the double-LP, “Heaven :x: Hell” [Rise Records]. Heaven is 10 tracks of snarling high energy pop punk, while Hell consists of ten heavy metal anthems spiked with fret-burning solos, thrashing riffs, and fist-pumping hooks. It’s big, it’s ballsy, and it’s their boldest and best body of work to date.

Chaoszine sat down with the band’s vocalist / guitarist Deryck Whibley and discussed what led to the band’s decision to call it a day and what can fans expect from Whibley’s upcoming autobiography “Walking Disaster: My Life Through Heaven and Hell” which will be released in October. You can check out the entire video interview out here:

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You can check out Sum 41‘s final album “Heaven x Hell” in full below: