Interview with Iivo Kaipainen and Lassi Vääränen: Finnish metal band Arion releases new album “Vultures Die Alone”

Author Annija Raga - 7.6.2021

After two successful albums and a single “At The Break Of Dawn (feat. Elize Ryd)” reaching nearly 7 million streams, Arion has released its long-awaited 3rd studio album Vultures Die Alone. Chaoszine paid a visit to Sonic Pump Studios and had a talk with Iivo Kaipainen (guitar) and Lassi Vääränen (vocals) about their favorite songs, how the song writing process happens in the band, and other possible updates on the band.

“Even tough the songs are complicated, the writing process was actually very natural and quite easy.”

-Iivo Kaipiainen

Watch the full interview here:

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