Insânia: Exclusive release of first English language single “Dry” on Chaoszine

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.2.2022

Brazilian groove metal band Insânia release their song “Dry” with a lyric video, exclusively through Chaoszine. Producer and guitarist Raffa Farias states: “The idea was to communicate with a more international audience. Writing and recording in another language but keeping our essence.”

Recife-based groove metal band Insânia releases the single “Dry” on Feb 18th, through Chaoszine. The song brings an aggressive and heavy atmosphere, portraying a mental breakdown. With expressive vocals by Diogo Felipe, a heavy and groovy guitar line by Raffa Farias and excellent drumming by Vitor Lima, “Dry” takes the listener through an inner journey, inside the mind of a troubled individual. Farias also signs the production, which is really on point.

Farias: Right after “Histeria” was released, we had the initial idea of using two of the songs on that album and translating them into English. But that didn’t happen. So, I had written an instrumental line for another project, and as it sounded just like Insânia, I decided to send it to Diogo. He tested things out as far as lyrics go, and we had a song.

Felipe: On our album “Histeria”, our lyrics were really incisive: with the right wing and fascists becoming more common here in Brazil, we had written the song “Monstros”; also “MMXX”, a two-minute song that kind of sums up the year 2020 with all the problems that came with it. So, initially, we tried to translate those two songs into English, but we couldn’t fit the lyrics with the music well, and so that didn’t happen. When Raffael sent me the instrumental, which eventually became “Dry”, first I was a bit lost, but soon after the inspiration came. There is something really important behind these lyrics: the word dry fit the song really well, and I used it as a title. The song is about someone who has an inner conflict, and is then able to evolve out of it, but he also has an obsession that pulls him down. He walks in circles, feels corroded inside, but puts on a smile for the world. It’s like a depression coupled with addiction. And after I wrote the first four verses, the words fit perfectly for somebody I know. So, I sent it to the other band members, and they liked it.

Farias: It was great, because the song has new elements, the instrumental goes a bit sideways, and the vocals, really straight. It fits because there is a break there, it gives the listener a sensation of unease.

Felipe: Besides, after two albums and an EP in Portuguese, we release a single in English. It’s an interesting experience for us, because we can see how this will be received.

Vitor Lima then proceeds to talk about the drumming on the new single.

Lima: When I got the song, it was almost ready. My contribution was a bit of my style, imprinted on the song, and that happened in the studio. The greatest difficulty is the count: it took some adapting, but I got into it soon enough.

Farias: The end of the song is really interesting: it was too dry, but we experimented with it. It represents the character portrayed in the song as he agonizes to his death. It shows his pain, his agony, his desperation. It makes the song a bit long if compared to what we usually do, but there is that something more, that little something new.

When asked about future projects in English, Insânia said they don’t have clear plans for that yet, at least not for a whole album.

Felipe: I don’t have a plan for an album in English, but I think there may be another single, or a couple tracks in English on a future album.

Farias: This is like a test for us, how it’s going to be received.

You can check out the new video below.