In The Woods… 6th album is raising the bar for progressive metal – review of “Diversum”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 1.12.2022

Mathematically speaking, 6 is the perfect number because its sum is made by two same numbers, in this case, 3 and 3. And 6th is “Diversum” the album by In The Woods… released on November 25th. “Redemption”, sings Bernt Fjellestad in the 6-minute suite that opens the record. And what a majestic track it is! Very well-structured, state-of-the-art, sublime.

Moments” continues on the beautifully elaborate theme in which the listener can just hear and admire the song flowing like a river of pure metal. The guitars of Kåre André Sletteberg and Bernt Sørensen couldn’t match in a better way, it is simply a pleasure to listen to them. And this is highlighted in “We Sinful Converge”, the second suite of the album. “Come ride with me,” say the lyrics, and it is almost an invitation to join the band on this journey.

Where did the 6 minutes of the song go? I am honestly not a fan of long suites, but the ones I’m listening to here are so excellent, the time just passes by without even noticing. The same goes for the other two back-to-back songs, “The Malevolent God” and “A Wonderful Crisis”. We continue this trip with “Humanity”, where the rhythmic section of Anders Kobro’s drums and Nils Drividal’s bass is more significant than on the other tracks. 

The surprises aren’t finishing because “Master of None” has some brilliant rock influence, and it makes the song distinguishable and unique. “Your Dark” closes the album like a circle because it reminds me of the opening track. Another special touch that In The Woods… has delighted us with. 

In conclusion, I am having a difficult time finding faults in this record. From the artwork to the song and the general atmosphere, “Diversum” is a very diverse album, and in a very positive way. The songs are balanced, wonderfully arranged and mixed; the production is crystal clear, and the melodies are never predictable. A new beacon for the progressive metal of our times.