In Flames now have a hot sauce, and drop new live music video

Author Flavia Andrade - 31.8.2022

Swedish heavy metallers In Flames and Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. have created the band’s own custom variety of habanero hot sauce.

In Flames shares:

“It’s a real pleasure to work with Al and Heart Beat Hot Sauce Co. – Everything they make is world-class and we hope you guys enjoy our special edition flavor. Do enjoy with beer, BBQ, and heavy fucking metal.”

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. adds:

“As fans of In Flames since the ’90s, when the opportunity to collaborate was proposed there was no questioning it. So many comparisons can be drawn between metal and hot sauce, with the two parties involved here this is a match made in heaven — or hell! This was the perfect opportunity to take our signature Red Habanero sauce and crank the heat up to hit as hard as the band does. In Flames are veterans of the metal world and we couldn’t be more proud to put this product together with them. Approach this one with caution!”

You can get the sauce here.

And now for the music video:

Alongside the hot sauce launch, In Flames also shared a live music video for the recently released single, “The Great Deceiver“.

You can watch the video below: