In 2004, a young Evanescence fan won a competition to have their own hour-long show on music radio: played nothing but Evanescence

Author Samuel Järvinen - 12.1.2022

A thread on Reddit has become popular, where a fan of the band Evanescence humorously reminisces about 2004. A user named Losvestidosrojos says they won a competition to win an hour-long DJ set on a local light music radio show.

The Reddit user says that, as a big fan of Evanescence at the time, they ended up playing nothing but samples of the band’s output for the entire broadcast.

In a conversation shared on a Reddit subreddit dedicated to reminiscing about the embarrassing past, Losvestidosrojos jokes that they “ruined people’s commutes” with his morning show.

You can read the thread here.