Illumishade and Sirenia announced for a festival in Italy

Author Benedetta Baldin - 23.3.2023

Officially defined the first of two separate evenings (as per the decree of the Prefecture of BG) of the Malpaga Folk & Metal Fest.
The second evening will be held on Thursday, August 3rd. Some new features of this new edition, the tenth one:

  • The stage, twice as large as in other years, will be moved to the lawn area previously designated for tents; this is to make listening more comfortable and attendance convenient, previously relegated to smaller spaces.
  • Of course, tents are not yet allowed to be placed. Hopefully, only for this year.
  • There will be several widely marked parking spots from where one can conveniently get to the festival area with shuttles provided by the Organization
  • In the evenings, when there will be no Folk Metal, there will still be equally interesting shows, including comix nights with big musical and TV names that we will reveal
    during the course of the Event.
  • Admission will always be free and open to all who want healthy evenings of music, fun and cheerful company.
  • The cuisine will always be that which has made Malpaga famous; local specialities and affordable prices.

This is the program for the first evening starting at 7 p.m.

Adgarios (Padua)
A Malpaga debut for the Padua band. A folk metal-inspired musical project that was founded in 2017 on the initiative of guitarist Zak Saidi and features seven elements led by Rubina Shiver’s voice and Serena Zucco’s violin. They will be the surprise of the festival.

Haegen (Ancona)
Old acquaintances of Malpaga since 2017. Genuine and sanguine, the six in the wake of Paddy O’Vann’s flute carry their Italian and local folk headlong, creating settings that range from the festive to the epic without neglecting the aggressiveness characteristic of heavy metal in a complex weave of melodies. In Malpaga, they will celebrate their 10th year of activity.

Blodiga Skald (Rome) 
The Roman band had already impressed us a few editions ago, and we strongly wanted them. From an idea of drummer Nicola Petricca and guitarist Daniele Foderaro, they marry the sounds of the most modern metal to those of the most carefree folk, with songwriting centred on the (dis)adventures of a group of orcs ready to do anything to tear apart other more “noble” races. They are ugly, but Sefora and Ludovica are gladly watched.

Illumishade (Switzerland) 
From Switzerland, the band of Fabienne Erni and Jonas Wolf, singer and guitarist of Eluveitie, respectively. Completing the lineup are Mirjam Skal on keyboards, Yannick Urbanczik on bass and Marc Friedrich on drums. An original way of interpreting metal-folk, with strong influences from prog and an addition of cinematic sonic references; very close to Nightwish… The magical atmosphere perceived in the music is equally present in the lyrics, which create a beautiful world composed of mystical creatures, ancient rituals and majestic landscapes. The band’s name is a derivation from Finnish and simply means “snowing.”

Sirenia (Norway) 
The nordic band led by the talented vocals of Emanuelle Zoldan (formerly of Turisas) and Morten Veland, guitarist, vocalist, founder and former member of Tristania. Completing the crew are Nils Courbaron on guitar and vocals and Michael Brush on drums. Named after the sirens of Greek mythology, their songs are characterized by intense and atmospheric sounds, and the lyrics focus on human existence, emotions and mental states. Alternating growl and lyrical vocals. Twenty years since founding and ten albums under their belt, the latest entitled Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (Napalm Records)