“I was driving around with my car screaming and trying to emulate vocalists like Phil Anselmo” – Josh Middleton reveals his story as a metal vocalist 

Author Arto Mäenpää - 6.9.2023

Born with an insatiable passion for the guitar, Josh Middleton’s journey into the realm of metal began at an early age. His relentless dedication to mastering his craft soon bore fruit as he formed Sylosis in 2000. Under his visionary leadership, the band has since become a powerhouse in the metal scene, renowned for their intricate guitar work, crushing rhythms, and powerful vocals.

As both a guitarist and vocalist, Middleton’s unique blend of technical prowess and emotional depth has earned him a loyal following. With albums like “Cycle Of Suffering” and “Dormant Heart,” he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to seamlessly fuse melodic hooks with bone-crushing riffs.

After playing with Architects for six years Middleton announced his triumphant, permanent return back to Sylosis earlier this year and as a result the band will be releasing their sixth studio album “A Sign of Things to Come” on September 8th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Chaoszine sat down through Zoom with Josh Middleton in the end of August and discussed about his journey as a metal vocalist from the very early days of career until present and upcoming album “A Sign of Things to Come”. You can find the latest video for the metal frontman video series below:

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You can check out singles released from the upcoming “A Sign Of Things to Come” album below: