“I wanted to show from an off-world perspective how fucked up the world is right now” – the interview with Lex Mincolla from 3TEETH

Author Julia Suloinen - 22.9.2023

3TEETH have established themselves not only as the finest representatives of a modern-day old-school industrial, which can make such legends as Ministry and NIN pale for a while, but also as a band unapologetically genuine about their views on the political situation in the world and other related topics, triggering for the society.

Chaoszine had a chat with the charismatic 3TEETH’s frontman Lex Mincolla about how much of a political message will be in the new album “EndEx” and, in general, about the “cosmic” concept of the album, and also astronomy versus astrology, cover songs and pizza.

Check out the video below:

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