“I like being imperfect so I can always improve myself as a vocalist” – Despised Icon frontman Alex Erian discusses his journey as a metal vocalist

Author Arto Mäenpää - 8.11.2022

Montreal deathcore OG’s Despised Icon released their special rarities EP entitled “Déterré” on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records. “Déterré” means ‘Unearthed” in French. This is exactly what the latest release from Despised Icon is. The EP consists of 5 old-school songs dating back to 2004. It seemed fitting to remaster and re-release these early recordings to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the band, which took form in 2002. Despised Icon frontman Alex Erian comments:

“Shoutout to everyone that got a copy of Déterré! The first 2 tracks are the original demos that got us signed in 2004. The other 3 songs were originally released on a Relapse Records Split CD in 2005 and sold out that same year. We’re happy to have these recordings finally available to you all.

Tomorrow, we fly out to Europe for our first tour in 3 years. We’re also currently working on North American dates for next year. We look forward to finally playing shows again and hope to see you all on the road in the near future. PS new music in 2023.”

Chaoszine recently sat down with the band’s vocalist Alex Erian to discuss about his journey so far as a metal vocalist and you can check out the latest episode of our metal vocalists video series below:

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You can check out Despised Icon‘s latest rarities EP “Déterré” out below: