Battle Beast

“I can honestly say that I am now comfortable with my own expression” – Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo reveals her story as a metal vocalist

Author Arto Mäenpää - 11.1.2023

Finland is a country which hides inside several internationally recognized metal bands such as Nightwish, Battle Beast, Beast In Black, Blind Channel, Ensiferum and Finntroll just to name a few. One thing that all these bands have in common is that they are all lead by very unique and powerful singers who doesn’t leave anyone cold.

Battle Beast‘s vocalist Noora Louhimo is one of the best female heavy metal vocalists of all time in my books and her vocal performance each night when the band performs live seems to push the band to a whole new level. Along with Battle Beast Noora has a solo career covering different songs under Noora Louhimo Experience name and she has also been involved with the hugely successful Raskasta Joulua tour for the past couple of years.

Chaoszine sat down with Noora Louhimo before the Raskasta Joulua -concert in Seinäjoki Areena, Seinäjoki, Finland on November 25th and discussed about her story as a metal vocalist. In the interview Louhimo told us quite in depth how she became a metal singer and what is her story as a vocalist so far from the early days to this day. You can check out the latest episode from our video series below:

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