Hold on tight : Nordjevel’s “Gnavhol” won’t let you catch your breath

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 19.10.2022

Black metal had never been brighter. To my great surprise, the Norse band, Nordjevel served me a banging, dark, brutal, yet perfectly well balanced, and produced album on a silver platter.

Although the black metal etiquette is put on the band, the release is nonetheless very eclectic in the diversity of its song structures, the riffing that’s dissonant at times, but always heavy and relentless with pinches of different elements spread through the entirety of the album.

The drumming is tight on every aspect: production wise, you can hear every bang on the drums and every smash on the cymbals. Technicality wise, the precision is surgical, and feeling wise, each drum roll is there to play its defined role, being the accentuation of a particular emotion that’s communicated throughout the song.

And that is where lies the strength of the album, and it’s beyond technique, production, tone and whatnot, it’s in the purest expression of the soul. The vocals are very expressive, unique in the sense that you can feel every emotion behind every scream, shout or shriek. And that’s on top of a flawless technical mastery.

“Gnavhol” looks like the start of big things for the band, and most certainly a doorway for a broader extreme metal audience into the darkness and coldness of the Norwegian group’s music.

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