Here are the songs Nightwish hasn’t ever played live in front of an audience

Author Arto Mäenpää - 6.1.2023

Finnish symphonic metal giant Nightwish has already done a huge number of gigs in their career. The band has had time to tour the world several times, and they currently perform on many of the world’s biggest stages.

According to the entry on the service, which focuses on gig statistics and setlists, Nightwish has played 951 concerts so far during their career. The actual figure may be a little more as I highly doubt the band’s first shows are shown in the service but it gives a good idea of ​​how hard-working band Nightwish is when it’s on touring mode.

According to the website, the band’s five most played live songs are the 2004 song “Nemo” (played 635 times), the 2004 song “Wish I Had An Angel” (played 507 times), the 2004 song “Dark Chest Of Wonders” (played 482 times ), the song “Wishmaster” from 2000 (played 471 times) and the song “Ghost Love Score” from 2004 (played 441 times).

The band has never played the songs “For The Heart I Once Had“, “Master Passion Greed“, “Turn Loose The Mermaids“, “Nightquest“, “Two For Tragedy“, “Bare Grace Misery“, “Forever Yours” and “Dead Gardens” live.