Hellway Patrol: “Anger is a big instrument for change, and we channeled that into writing this album”

Author Maria Goe - 21.11.2021

Original, with its own personality and critical lyrics about society, the southern Brazilian band Hellway Patrol prepares for the release of their first full-length, “All Myth Shall Fall”, where amidst creative harmonies in a mix of heavy metal and thrash, invites the listener to question the myths of the world.

The band has a released EP, “Desert Ghost”, as well as several tours in North America, Europe, and almost every corner of Brazil.

In this interview, vocalist and bassist Ricardo Pigatto shared more details about the release of the new album, expectations for the future and inspirations for the band!

Tell us a little about the band’s history. When did you start and what was your initial idea?

Ricardo Pigatto: The band started in 2017 with the idea of ​​a trio of heavy music with a post-apocalyptic theme. Our main language was Thrash and Heavy that we grew up listening to and playing, but over time we made room for all kinds of influences.

You are in the final stages of producing the first full album, tell a little more about it?

Ricardo Pigatto: It’s called “All Myth Shall Fall” and the theme of the songs varies a lot, but they prefer this common point, which is the Myth. “Beauty and Demise”, for example, which has the participation of Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad) and Hanna Paulino, talks about the myth of the witch and tells the story of Mima Renard, a woman who was burned by the inquisition in São Paulo. Other tracks talk about the myth of Christianity, the myth of a savior of the fatherland, the myth of order versus freedom, the myth of the morality of sex, and how all these myths negatively affect the lives of all of us.

About this theme of myths, maybe the current situation in the world has influenced you to choose this theme, or not?

Ricardo Pigatto: Yes definitely. Seeing people denying medical science, refusing to see the seriousness of a disease and even refusing to get vaccinated was something shocking. It’s very angry to see people worshiping idols and leaders who are totally irresponsible, not to mention criminals. It’s very angry to see people putting themselves and others in danger because of faith or ideology. Anger is a big instrument for change, and we channeled that into writing this album.

And is there already a release forecast for the album?

Ricardo Pigatto: We don’t have a date yet, but certainly before the end of the first half of 2022.

You have already released the first EP “Desert Ghost”, from 2018. What are the differences between this EP and the new album?

Ricardo Pigatto: Musically I think we’re experimenting more on “All Myth Shall Fall”. We’ve had more time to play and compose songs and we’re finding our sound. On “Desert Ghost” we recorded the instrumental live in Londrina, and then we added vocals and solos and on “All Myth Shall Fall” we recorded everything at WahWah studio in São Paulo with more resources.

And the band already collects a good number of shows in the USA and Europe, what are the differences between the foreign metal scene and the one in Brazil?

Ricardo Pigatto: People say that the metal scene in Europe is much bigger, but that’s not exactly the case. South America has a huge number of headbangers, but our promotion standards do not favor the growing scene at all. Europe’s salaries ensure that people are able to cover their basic needs and have a little left over for leisure and culture. So when there’s an underground show, a show with an important headliner or a big festival, people can pay for the tickets and go out there, have a beer and have fun. But here in Brazil, billiards are like people who have jobs that guarantee their sustance, so when they have some money left over, most people save it to go to a band they already know.

And also tell us about the experience of international tours.

Ricardo Pigatto: It’s amazing to be able to travel, see different places and people, share a beer and show your music. We always learn a lot, have a lot of fun and we are definitely a road band, we want to be on tour whenever is possible.

And being a road band, how is it being the pandemic for you? Big expectation to return to the stage?

Ricardo Pigatto: We ended up in other activities. Thiago (guitars) finished his music college and also recorded and produced albums with other bands as well. I got into the mechanics and customization of choppers and stuff like that. Netto (drums), on the other hand, has become a great chocolatier and is making amazing sweets and cookies and this is good because we always try his new recipes. Those side activities are what kept us from falling into a depression or something, but we’re desperate to get back onstage. We think it will be shows the full of energy accumulated by us and our audience as well.

Your musicality is very original and you can feel different influences there. So, what are your inspirations / influences when you are writing?

Ricardo Pigatto: It is hard to say. Sometimes people mention some influence on our music that we hadn’t even made the connection, and somehow these people are right. We hear a lot from inside and outside the metal scene and when it comes to writing the rule is not to set limits. If a song started thrash and then it sounds like something completely different, instead of stopping and saying “no like that, thrash shouldn’t sound like that”, we go ahead and see what happens. If it pleases us…is what matters.

In your opinion, what are the consequences that the pandemic will leave for the music scene?

Ricardo Pigatto: I think that many bands that invested heavily in their careers in the last few years before the pandemic are not going to get more breath to continue after these two years of downtime.

What are Hellway Patrol’s future plans?

Ricardo Pigatto: Release the album and hit the road. We are renovating an old ambulance that we were able to buy and are going to use it for a tour on South America. We also really want to go back to Europe and visit new places.

Before finishing, what is the essence of the band? What mark does the band want to leave in the world?

Ricardo Pigatto: Our message is to question. Dogmas, laws, concepts of morality, fads and religions. Ask why they want you to believe in all this and who profits from it all. Also, never miss out on the things you love and always make time to have fun.

Thank you so much for the interview! Would you like to send a message to the fans?

Ricardo Pigatto: Thank you so much for the space. We would really like to see Finland. Play some shows, make new friends and drink up “Perseet olalle!”

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