Heavy metal never goes out of fashion – review of Sebastian Bach’s album “Child Within The Man”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 23.4.2024

We could say many things about Sebastian Bach, and we probably might never reach an end. From his impressive heavy music résumé to his musical résumé, from his TV appearances to his movie appearances, this man has touched every single piece of art and has made it his own. But what can we say is that he is first and foremost a singer, and this is a key component to his latest album “Child Within The Man”.

This album comes ten years after its predecessor “Give ‘Em Hell”, and old habits die hard, as the proverb says. His signature style is ever-present, his power and fury are a constant. From “Freedom” to “About To Break“, this record is 100% pure heavy metal without compromises and without surprises, too.

The production, mixing, and mastering are top-notch as one would expect, the songwriting and composition fit into the genre, but in my opinion, we can expect bigger and better things from Sebastian Bach. We get hints of his full potential in “(Hold On) To The Dream” and the magnificent closing song “To Live Again“, that redeem this album before it’s too late.

As I’m writing these words, outside my window there is a grey and rainy sky, and that is not an appropriate weather to be enjoying this album. “Child Within The Man” must be listened to on a sunny day, blasted out while driving with the windows rolled down, so everyone can hear Sebastian‘s unmistakable voice. The heavy metal genre is never going out of style until there are artists that carry its founding pillars on their backs.

Is this album solid? Absolutely yes. Is it innovative? Not a chance. But that probably doesn’t even matter, because we’ll let the experimentation to other artists. We’ll enjoy the classic, evergreen, and comforting sounds of metal that we’ve always known. And for now, that will be enough. After all, we don’t have anything to lose, but everything to gain. Long live Sebastian Bach.


  1. Everybody Bleeds
  2. Freedom
  3. (Hold On) To The Dream
  4. What Do I Got To Lose?
  5. Hard Darkness
  6. Future Of Youth
  7. Vendetta
  8. F.U.
  9. Crucify Me
  10. About To Break
  11. To Live Again