Heavy metal is far from dead – review of Liv Sin’s “KaliYuga”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 13.12.2022

2023 isn’t already started, yet the musical releases this year will bring are consistent and will definitely satisfy even the harshest of critics. One of these releases is “KaliYuga”, the third album by Swedish metal band Liv Sin. And if the third album is the confirmation album, the band has done an impressive job of making this statement true. 

The production is excellent, and the mixing is perfectly balanced, even though it is a bit hard to hear Skoglund’s bass most of the time. This album shows that heavy metal is far from dead: even if the band has a distinctive sound and style, it is possible to hear various influences in “KaliYuga”, like a typical ’80s sound in “King of Fools” or a pure metal chant in “Forget My Name“.

I can’t but love both Matharu and Ankemark’s guitars, which create a massive texture in every track. If the band had just a single guitar, the album wouldn’t be as memorable as it is. Jagrell’s vocal performance is outstanding and very consistent, but when she switches from harsh vocals to clean ones, it is clear that she has the potential to sing anything she wants. 

Just when I thought the album was completely homogeneous, Liv Sin amazed me with “I Am The Storm“, which is a lovely change of pace. The rock influences in this track make it a delightful surprise to listen to. “KaliYuga” refers to the fourth “Yuga” in Hinduism, the era dedicated to the present age, full of conflict and sin. 

And we wonder / when will this ever end?” sings Jagrell in “Virus“, one of the most structured tracks of the album. And full of truth as well: who here has never thought how long the pandemic could have meddled with our lives? We continue on an apocalyptical mood with “D.E.R.“, which we find out to be a world-end song too. 

Overall, Liv Sin has produced a uniform record full of great riffs, powerful lyrics and current topics. This talented Swedish group has met the expectations and perhaps even exceeded them. 


  1. The Process
  2. Antihero
  3. King Of Fools
  4. Forget My Name
  5. Karma
  6. I Am The Storm
  7. Virus
  8. D.E.R.
  9. The Swarm
  10. Horizon In Black