Heavier, better, louder, faster – review of Blind Channel’s fifth album “Exit Emotions”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.2.2024

There must be something in the water there in Finland because it’s almost time for the whole world to enjoy Blind Channel‘s fifth exquisite release, “Exit Emotions”. The Romans would say “nomen omen”, the name is a presage: in this case, the title’s name is a foreshadowing of the many emotions conveyed during the record. And if the singles already released are a good hint of what will come, the rest of the songs will amaze even more.

From the passionate loving of “XOXO” to the mighty “Red Tail Lights” or “One Last Time…Again“, Blind Channel has proven that they are here for the long run. Furthermore, “Exit Emotions” has a huge potential for live performances. The Finnish ensemble has mastered the art of creating music that not only will blast through your headphones but also will crush concert venues. It is impossible to stand still throughout the listening, and each song is going to be an invitation for the audience to mosh, jump, dance, and scream along.

With a headlining tour on the way, the album arrives at the perfect moment. The anthemic choruses and adrenaline-fueled instrumentation create an atmosphere that will assuredly leave everyone astounded in front of the stage. I can’t wait to headbang and go crazy on “Happy Doomsday” or “Where’s The Exit“!

Surely we must applaud the pristine production, the fabulous mixing, and the detailed mastering that this album has because every detail counts. The band has evolved further their style and artistry, without forgetting to experiment and incorporate many influences in their sound. “Exit Emotions” will be appreciated by the new generations of metalheads because of its immediacy and universality, while the others will enjoy the heavier sounds present.

There is something for everyone, and that is the beauty and talent of Blind Channel. “Exit Emotions” is a musical triumph that will undoubtedly elevate their live performances to new heights, and unite all the fans of nu metal. One thing is for certain, you will not remain impassible once they’ve arrived. Brace yourselves, and get ready to be swept away by the sonic storm that is Blind Channel.


  1. Where’s the Exit
  2. Deadzone
  3. Wolves in California
  4. Xoxo (feat. From Ashes to New)
  5. Keeping It Surreal
  6. Die Another Day (feat. Røry)
  7. Phobia
  8. Happy Doomsday
  9. Red Tail Lights
  10. Not Your Bro
  11. Flatline
  12. One Last Time…Again