Have streaming services brought more fans to metal?

Author Staff - 4.12.2023

Metal music has been a part of many people’s lives for a long time, and new metal bands and singers are constantly appearing. Like others, this music genre has its own loyal audience and is one of the most popular genres around the world. But how has listening to metal music changed with streaming services?

People have been listening to music for a long time; it has always been part of creating an entertainment atmosphere. At its best, it connects people from all walks of life. There are many different genres and subgenres these days, and many newcomers try to stand out from the crowd by making music that’s a little different than the others.

Music is evident in many different things because it can create an atmosphere in movies, TV series, and games and inspire stories. For example, films have been made about well-known rock and metal music bands. Correspondingly, they have been included in the themes of various games because many casinos and video games have either turned the band into a game or used their music in the games.

Metal music is one of the most popular genres

The most popular genres vary on different continents. However, rock and metal music are still two of the most popular genres of music right after pop. Especially in Europe, heavier music manages to hold its own. In the United States and Canada, rock and metal music are the most popular right after hip-hop, rap, and pop.

In Asian countries and Latin America, the most popular genres include more of the countries’ own music genres. For example, in India, they listen to more Bollywood music; in Japan, J-pop, and Latin America, many people like pop hits.

Rock and metal music has been popular since the 1950s, when we listened to many big names, such as Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. The popularity has continued to grow since then, and it isn’t waning.

Finland, for example, is often considered a rock nation because there are a lot of excellent heavy music bands in Finland. Some of them have ended up playing at the international level as well. On the other hand, various metal festivals have seen evident growth in Finland in recent years.

In recent years, several representatives of heavier music have participated in the well-known Eurovision Song Contest in Europe. Of course, they have been seen before. Still, there is an apparent growth spurt in metal music in Eurovision and Finland’s preliminary qualifying UMK competition. Heavy music is trendy, and its popularity will continue even after a while.

Listening to music is made easy with streaming services

Who doesn’t remember how music was listened to from vinyl records, cassettes, or CDs in the old days? Today’s youth may need to become more familiar with these, as various streaming services have taken a firm place in the marketplace instead of the devices of the past. With the development of technology, many changes have also occurred in listening to music.

Various streaming services are popular because they make it easy to listen to music anywhere and anytime. Many channels, such as Spotify and YouTube, have brought music worldwide for everyone to listen to. This is one of the most significant advantages of a streaming service.

However, CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records were more limited in the past, so some of the world’s bands and singers remained to be discovered by many. Usually, only the music of the most famous artists could be bought on disc or cassette. Listening to various artists from anywhere in the world is easier than ever through the streaming service.

There are also many different genres and their subgenres in streaming services. Despite that, there has been an apparent change in Finns’ taste in music very recently, as Finnish pop has risen to the top of the list of the most listened-to music styles, thus displacing rock, metal, and hard rock, which have been at the top for a long time.

Streaming services enable more fans for metal music as well

Today, listening to music has been made significantly more accessible for many people with the help of a streaming service, so it’s no wonder that many genres have gained more fans through it. Rock, metal, and hard rock are similar to this. It has maintained its popularity for a long time, and with the latest statistics, its popularity is still growing. The undeniable advantage of the streaming service is that it makes it easier for people to listen to different artists from around the world than any previous form of listening to music.