Hatefulmurder stream new album “I Am That Power”

Author Flavia Andrade - 20.5.2024

Hatefulmurder finally present the new album “I Am That Power”, available on all digital platforms via Canil Records. The album maintains the band’s proposal, bringing elements of death metal, with a contrast between old school and contemporary, as well as a more modern atmosphere and the unique identity of Brazilian extreme metal, exalting the power and technique of vocalist Angelica Burns.

Hatefulmurder have been increasingly stamping the Brazilian metal scene with very successful releases praised by the media, in addition to thousands of streams on digital platforms. The single “Crime e Castigo” was added to the official Spotify All New Metal playlist, which has 708,872 likes. “Call Out Your Soul” had an exclusive premiere by Decibel Magazine.

This is the fourth album in the career of the band from Rio de Janeiro, which continue to be acclaimed throughout Europe, America and Asia. Angélica Burns, Thomás Martin and Renan Campos designed the new album, while mixing and mastering were done by Celo Oliveira.

You can stream the album here, or below:

Formed in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Hatefulmurder have been on the road for more than 10 years, and have released three studio albums and two EPs, having gone on South American and Brazilian tours. The band is comprised of Angélica Burns (vocals), Renan Campos (guitar), Felipe Modesto (bass) and Thomás Martin (drums).

Critically acclaimed, their previous album “Reborn” (2019) was released completely independently, financed by the fans themselves through a crowdfunding campaign. A cohesive, strong and bold album, which marks another great moment in the band’s career. Made by fans for fans.

Previously, the tour for the album “Red Eyes” (2017) – released by English label Secret Service Records – covered more than 13,000 km by bus, with 24 shows in 30 days, passing through all regions of Brazil. This album also marked the arrival of vocalist Angélica Burns. While “No Peace” (2014), the band’s debut album, released via Brazilian label Cogumelo Records, made it possible for Hatefulmurder to tour Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile with “fury on stage and blood in the eyes”, in the band’s own words.

“I Am That Power” tracklist:


1.Eye For An Eye

2.Call Out Your Soul


4.Amusing Ourselves To Death


6.The Root Of Fear

7.Set Fire

8.This is The Final Hour

9.I Am That Power

10.Crime e Castigo