Hammurabi: new album ‘Numbers’ reflects about the numbers of death

Author Daniel Agapito - 7.6.2024

The Minas Gerais band celebrates their 18 year career with a new album full of bonuses and special guests.

Founded by Daniel Lugondi and Críslei Rodrigo in 2006, Hammurabi reaches its “legal age” with an album full of new songs, bonuses and several special appearances. As the only remaining member and true “early adopter” of technologies that have provided greater connectivity, interaction between musicians – even at a distance – and many tools that were previously restricted to large studios, Lugondi presents a strong album in its own production, including mixing and mastering .

“Numbers”, which is now available on all streaming platforms through Tiamat Records, emerged from a project that began during the pandemic, with the São Paulo tattoo artist, Ricardo Ximenes (Raijin Tattoo), alongside the experienced drummer Maurício Magaldi (VersOver, Thanatus) and matured despite the intercontinental distance between the musicians.

“Numbers”, which musically focuses on death/thrash metal, proposes reflections around different contexts, but which always suggest death numbers. In “500K“, for example, we have the fateful milestone of 500,000 deaths amid the pandemic, a number that, unfortunately, was much higher. “A City Covered in Mud” recalls the city of Brumadinho covered in mud that claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

In addition to the new songs, the repertoire features bonuses, including a tribute to Hammurabi’s biggest influence, Sepultura. “Propaganda” was made especially for the album in light of the 30th anniversary of “Chaos A.D.”, while “Refuse/Resist“, with the special participation of Rafinha Moreira (Sacrament, Panzer) for Amazing Sessions (Amazing Guitars’ official channel) , a store specializing in special and legendary guitars located in the heart of the capital of São Paulo.

Finally, “State of War” becomes the band’s fastest song, with just 1 minute, arising from Lugondi’s participation in Extreme Jam 2023, produced by Drumeo’s drummer of the year 2023, Mauricio Weimar, and explores the Israel’s recent invasion of Palestine.

Check out the tracklist below:

  1. 500K (8:00)
  2. One City Covered in Mud (8:07)
  3. Black Cries (6:31)
  4. 4 (My First Meeting with Death) (6:11)
  5. MMXXI (5:38)
  6. Propaganda (Sepultura Cover – Chaos AD 30th anniversary) – (3:34)


  1. MMXXI (Pandemic Version) – (5:38)
  2. State of War (Extreme Jam 2023 – feat. Mauricio Weimar) – (1:00)
  3. Refuse/Resist (Sepultura Cover for Amazing Sessions) – (3:22)

“Numbers” is a great milestone in the band’s history, as it not only portrays the great ills of our society but also retraces scenarios that I didn’t conceive of in my childhood, such as death and racism. It’s a great opportunity for those who have matured, both intellectually and musically – alongside an equally tuned-in guy like Maurício – to expose this in the form of art! Daniel Lugondi

Listen on streaming platforms: https://hammurabi.hearnow.com/numbers