Hagalas has released their first single “Domesticated Violence” from the upcoming album

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.3.2024

The “Mentes Reae” album was recorded during 2023 and will be released as a physical edition on May 31, 2024, through Inverse Records. As for streaming platforms, the album will be gradually available in its entirety starting from early autumn 2024. The album’s theme revolves around mental health and its complex facets, and it goes without saying that this theme is more relevant now than ever before. Alongside the band, Samuli Raappana (Tuuliajo) participated in the recordings and mixing, while Tony Lindgren (Fascination Street Studios) handled the mastering.

The choice of the first single release aligns perfectly with the album’s theme. As its name suggests, it addresses domestic violence and the resulting trauma, questioning how much an individual can endure before something irreversible happens?

The song is available on streaming platforms, and a lyric video has been created, which can be viewed on Inverse Records’ and the band’s channels.

Listen to the single on music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc.): https://push.fm/fl/hagalas-domesticatedviolence

Check the lyric video: 

“Mentes Reae” album can be pre-ordered from Inverse’s online store as well as Recordshop X for the release day.


Hagalas lineup:

Kalle Korhonen: Vocals

Antti Huovila: Guitar

JM Helenius: Guitar

Ville Uimi: Bass

Teemu Kankainen: Drums