Hacktivist release the video for “Not Alone”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 28.6.2024

UK djent/grime crossover outfit Hacktivist release a heavy and emotionally charged single “Not Alone”. The track by vocal pair JJ Olifent and J Hurley, is a brutally honest portrayal of the global mental health epidemic, primed with equal parts urgency and ferocity. The primary message of the song is how mental health issues impact individuals from diverse backgrounds in a comparable way. The band states that “no matter what background people come from, our struggles can be so similar, despite our perceived differences. If you’re struggling or feeling isolated, remember, you’re not alone.”

For over half my life I’ve suffered with ADHD, depression and anxiety, especially when I grew older because you have to battle with surviving. The world’s a sick place, I found myself on autopilot, putting the mask up because that’s what I needed to do to gain success. I should have reached out for help sooner. In 2022, I received my ADHD diagnosis and have the support I need, while still thriving. If you are suffering please ask for help. Don’t live in silence and let the world consume you. JJ Olifent

The band has some shows planned with Dropout Kings:

07/02 Bournemouth, UK – Bear Cave
07/03 London, UK – The Underworld
07/04 Birmingham, UK – Devil’s Dog
07/05 Chester, UK – The Live Rooms
07/06 Glasgow, UK – The Attic
07/07 Bridgwater, UK – The Cobblestones