Guns N’ Roses finished their US tour – Axl Rose thanks the fans who came to see them

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.10.2021

US hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses have just completed their latest US tour.

The tour started while the pandemic was still raging around the world and under significant security measures, but the rock veterans brought it to a successful conclusion.

Now the band’s frontman Axl Rose is publicly thanking all the fans who turned up despite the difficult times.

“Again huge thanks to everyone that came out to the shows!! A special thanks to everyone for working with us to help protect your safety, the safety of each other, the safety of r crew n’ the venue’s crews following r COVID protocol. These r stressful times (which is an understatement) and your cooperation n’ participation is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.”

“We didn’t take going into this tour lightly n’ there were huge industry considerations (n’ reasonings) to take into account in taking on such an endeavor n’ we truly want to thank everyone that came out or was involved in any way for making it great n’ that things ran as smoothly as they did!! And last but not least a big thanks to Wolfie Van Halen n’ Mammoth 4 a great run!!

“Peace n’ hope to see everyone again soon!!!”