Photo credit: Andy Ford

Green Lung share new music video “Maxine (Witch Queen)”

Author Flavia Andrade - 8.9.2023

Green Lung have shared “Maxine (Witch Queen)”, the second single from their upcoming album “This Heathen Land“, out on November 03, via Nuclear Blast.

Frontman Tom Templar commented:

We’ve celebrated British witchcraft in our lyrics since our first EP, and with this new single we wanted to celebrate the most iconic witch of the modern era – Maxine Sanders. The High Priestess at the heart of Alexandrian Witchcraft, Maxine is an unsung national treasure, and one of the first people to connect genuine witchcraft with rock ‘n roll back in the early Seventies.

Maxine (Witch Queen)‘ is a love song to Maxine from the perspective of a member of her coven, and melds pounding riffage with psyched-out combo organs and stacked, multi-layered vocal harmonies. We were honoured to have several members of Maxine’s real life coven appear in the music video, and advise on the ritual elements. Ultimately, the song is intended as a celebration of Maxine Sanders, which we hope will introduce new initiates to her life’s work, and help her legend to live on.

You can watch the new video below: