Graverot Productions debut “Beaten To Death” @ Lepakkomies raving success

Author Arto Mäenpää - 23.11.2021

The newly formed event planning organization Graverot Productions recently hosted their first show on the 17th of November at legendary bar Lepakkomies in Helsinki. Beaten To Death, the show aimed to break new boundaries in the scene by putting together an outrageous lineup consisting of beatdown hardcore, sluggish drug tuned grindcore, and death metal all in one killer night on, yes, a WEDNESDAY.

The show kicked off strongly with beatdown hardcore Scourge of Humanity, playing in Lepakkomies for the second time. Politically aggressive barking vocals paired with chugging riffs delivered an exciting opening set to the show which left the crowd in awe (and in a mosh) within 30 minutes of the doors even opening

Next up were Vaasa degenerates Kuvotus, a grizzly and gnarly 3 piece grind project that plays impressively slow, and then out of nowhere slaps you in the face with excruciatingly fast riffs, to then alternate back and forth, delivering an absolutely devastating, pounding, disgusting set right to the crowd in a relentlessly classy (yet trashy, note the ski masks) fashion. Grind at its finest.

In third, were local Helsinki legends Cryptic Hatred. Performing their ghastly Florida inspired old school death metal riffs, their looming presence on stage brought a sinister tone to the concert, molding the mood of what was to come for the rest of the night. Calm and collected, Cryptic Hatred played through their set to a full house consisting of none other than Helsinki’s finest headbangers.

Fourthly was Sepulchral Curse. Coming all the way from Turku (yes Turku, on a Wednesday!!!), they respectfully stepped down from the headlining position in order to make the show and go back home in time, and if that’s not dedication to the scene then I don’t know what is. Sepulchral Curse took what Cryptic Hatred brought and solidified it, bringing black metal influence to their piercingly violent death metal riffs. Their drummer and bassist switched with their vocalist for verses, making for an extremely fun performance to witness. Sepulchral Curse beat the crowd over and over with their sharp edge set for a goof 45 minutes, leaving it nothing less than beat up for the final act.

Last but not least, the headliner. Initially booked for the fourth spot, Eradication of the Unworthy Infants (EOUI) closed the show with a bang. Opening their set with Tupac‘s legendary hit song “All Eyez On Me”, EOUI instantly let the crowd know exactly where to guide their attention, and exactly what was to come. Delivering a set around 45 minutes long, EOUI performed their unique blend of beatdown, death metal, and sludge relentlessly to the poor midweek concertgoers. Taking no hesitation to go into the crowd and push around, EOUI made an impression almost instantly, leaving the crowd a rowdy mess during the first couple songs, only to steadily intensify the show until the grand finale, marking Graverot Productions’ first organizing feat a major success.

Graverot Productions is an extreme metal/hardcore event planner founded by EOUI to give up and coming bands in the scene an opportunity to share the stage in a never seen before way, focusing on the enjoyment of the concertgoer as well as the band. Graverot Productions hopes to mark a new era in the scene of young, newly-budding bands in Finland, which seem to have a bright future ahead of them…